Why Women Love Money Blitz

My decision to launch the Money Blitz app to female entrepreneurs was far from random. I am reaching out to women first because the structure of Money Blitz is a natural fit for them.

Here’s why: Women Are Relational Creatures

Unlike men, who are essentially simple, women are engineered to be complex, and you thrive in the context of relationships. Existing relationships are the basis for success, with Money Blitz and women have millions of them. We’re talking family, friends, co-workers, the receptionist at your yoga studio, your children’s friends’ parents, the woman who grooms your dog…get the picture?

You ladies are at an obvious advantage in Money Blitz Land. Women Are Strong Communicators. Most women truly enjoy the complex nuances of clear communication. When a woman is passionate about something, that passion radiates out of her heart. Unlike us guys, women have an uncanny knowledge of how to actually talk to people and connect with
them, as opposed to simple talking at them.

Women Are Tenacious… When a woman makes a commitment, she dives into it with her whole heart. Take a mother’s whole-hearted love and devotion for her children, for example. Mothers go to unbelievable lengths to nurture and support their kids, often at great personal sacrifice. This kind of perseverance is fundamentally necessary for long-term success at raising funds for a business. Money Blitz TV isn’t for flash-in-the-pan types; because women and Money Blitz: like a hand and glove.

Written by:

Pierre de la Fortune

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