The Power of the Mind

Whether you think that Money Blitz will work for you or not, you are right. Yes, you read that correctly; either conclusion has an equal shot at being true, and your attitude casts the deciding vote.

The Law of Attraction:

Our minds have the power to bring whatever we spend our time thinking about into material reality. The Secret is a successful movie which thoroughly addresses this concept, calling it The Law of Attraction. If you have not seen this movie, I highly suggest that you check it out; it’s a not-to-be-missed resource. You can find it on Netflix or Youtube, where it can be watched for free. Whatever you believe you will get from life, this is what you will surely get. Our beliefs ultimately determine our reality. Contrary to what you might think, this is not just the Power of Positive Thinking. A person can think about happiness all day long, but if he or she is miserable, those efforts to achieve happiness will be in vain.

The secret of the Law of Attraction lies not in thinking, but in feeling.
If you truly believe that your business will be consistently generating positive cashflow within two years, you will feel a certainty about it, like something in your bones. It will feel like peace and confidence, wrapped up together in one package.


Put in your order with the Universe, then leave it up to the Universe to decide how your order will be filled. Ask in vivid detail. Be specific. Set a deadline. Think it, feel it, and know it, as though you already have it. Then keep on doing the next right thing. You’ll look up one day and realize that everything you asked for is now yours.

See It, Feel It, Taste It, Smell It:

Using the Money Blitz app to raise money lets you see your progress, day by day. And trust me, it’s much easier to feel positive about funding your business when you have a tangible reason for feeling that way.

Written by:

Pierre de la Fortune

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