The Classic Catch-22

It’s the feedback loop from hell. You have a badass business concept. You insist on excellence in everything you do, so you have, of course, knocked on the door every imaginable traditional business financing option. Only to have them slam the door in your face.

It’s the classic Catch-22: You can’t get funding, because you don’t have a successful business; you can’t build a successful business, because you don’t have funding. Catch 22, feedback loop from hell—it’s all basically the same thing, and here’s a little-known secret: when you are caught in one, you can’t escape by using a resource inside of the loop with you. In order to break free from the box’s that confines, you’ve got to look outside of the box for the paper cutter. The MoneyBlitz app is just that outside-the-box tool to get you out of that claustrophobic jam you call undercapitalization!

By Pierre de la Fortune

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