Well I got your attention, by using the word porn. Sorry to disappoint you, this is not related to porn, internet porn or pornography related to sex.

Success porn is mildly defined as, browsing, reading, watching and listening about the success of others and trying to get motivated for yourself. It is late night, 2 AM in the morning, you have watched top 10 Tedx videos on how people started from scratch and became millionaires, browsed through your facebook for all the possible motivational quotes, or scrolled through the long list of tweets, pictures and podcasts on your social media accounts.

Great, you are hyped, motivated, inspired and determined to take on the world. Pumped up, putting yourself in those success stories, relating to your failures and they being stepping stones for success. You start making a mental list or even a new task list of things to do for your success.

Next day, morning you wake up and get on with your routine and daily life. Has anything changed no, are you motivated, yes or maybe, but are you taking any action, Nope.

And that is the challenge, you get motivated by others success and achievements, but do their stories, and 10 steps lists or scenarios apply to you – NO. Everyone’s success is different, everyone’s path to success is different. Success comes as a surprise, it is difficult to determine, when and how you will be successful.

The challenge with so called ‘success porn’ and the traditional ‘Top 10’ list, is that it is after the fact. People share their stories, AFTER they are successful and NOT on their path to success. So how can a list that has been applied 5 years ago in different times, economy, social and political conditions apply to us now. Why can’t someone share their stories “on their way” to success but not AFTER the fact.

We trick ourselves to think that if we follow the same TOP 10 list, we can be as successful, but lets me honest, it does not work that way. What worked for Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others 10 years ago, will not work for us today. The environment is different, the conditions are different, people around you are different.

You can beat porn addiction and you can beat ‘success porn’ addiction. Like watching pornography, it feels good for some time, but will not work in the long run and when you have to apply it practically.

So to change it or to beat “success porn” addiction, am not going to give you a ‘Top 10 ways to beat success porn addictions” list. This defeats the purpose of this article. But there are few things you can consider to beat this addiction. Stop watching too much TV, Netflix of Tedx shows. Yes, there are some great shows but besides that, the content on TV and internet is crap.

Logout or deleted your Facebook, Twitter profiles once in a while. I bet you will not miss the world and the world will not miss you. If you are cutting TV and social media, divert that time to read and read more. Books, white papers, blogs, articles and more. The key difference between watching and reading, is your visual imagination. You visualize the content you read according to your eyes and your world. You imagine when you read, you make your own world when you read.

Do not succumb to the social media world. Believe me, I do have my facebook, twitter, Linkedin and tons of other social media accounts. But you don’t need to go thru your updates, shares, tweets constantly. Assign a specific time for social media activity, and close or log out of them after you are done for the day.

Get inspired and motivated by ‘success porn’ but ultimately you have to apply it to your situation to be successful. For that you don’t have to be constantly be inspired and motivated, you have to be applying it to change and be successful.

Now the big question is, what is success? Well that is a whole another topic for another blog. Till then, stay inspired and apply it to be successful.

By Ajay Vonkarey

Ajay Vonkarey

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