Are You A Guerrilla Entrepreneur?

Much has been written about guerrilla marketing and the people who implement guerrilla marketing strategies. In this two part series, we will explore the  characteristics of Guerrilla entrepreneurs and what makes them successful in this current economic environment  and we will discuss  what guerrilla marketing is and why it is such an  effective  strategy  for entrepreneurs who are striving to compete with big corporations. (nb: “He” is a generic term used in this post to mean both female and male entrepreneurs)

The Guerrilla entrepreneur realises that  the journey and not the ending is  the goal.

He knows that he is in control of his company and his life  and that if he is not satisfied, he has to act. Guerrilla entrepreneurs  know that while sacrifices need to be made, they are tolerable if made when doing work that you love and living the life that you want to live. He knows that he is on a journey and he should enjoy the stages of his life because his business is a trip with that will have many milestones.

 The Guerrilla entrepreneur  works to achieve balance

He thrives to achieve balance between  his work and life. He knows  that his success is determined by a sound mind  and a sound mind is not attained  by a tired mind and body, strained  family relationships and unacceptable business ethics.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur is not in a hurry

Act hastily and repent in leisure  the saying goes. This applies even  to  strategy implementation. The Guerrilla entrepreneur knows that  patience is his ally. His pace is steady and never rushed.

 The Guerrilla entrepreneur  uses stress as a benchmark

Negative stress means that you are doing something wrong. Guerrilla entrepreneurs know that stress is a warning sign. He makes adjustments  to eliminate the causes of the stress. This can be in the way that he is handling his business, reacting to his environment or the way that he is looking after his health.

 The Guerrilla  entrepreneur looks forward to work

He has a love affair with  his work and considers  himself blessed to be paid for the work that he loves. He  is good at what he does, passionate about his cause and is constantly  learning to improve himself. He uses his talents to create his world. He knows his business inside and out and is therefore able to talk convincingly about his company.

 The Guerrilla entrepreneur has no weaknesses

He is effective because he has eliminated from himself, the “know it all”  attitude. He fills his enterprise with people  who have strengths  and talents that he does not possess. As a team player, he considers his staff as equals.

 The Guerrilla entrepreneur is fusion oriented

He knows that he cannot do it alone so he values  fusion looking for synergies with other companies. He is good at combining marketing, production, skills, information, leads, and anything else, with other companies to increase his effectiveness and marketing reach. His fusion efforts are short and targeted. He considers his business relationships not as marriage, but as mutually beneficial flings that he must get into, to move himself and his business partners forward.

 The Guerrilla entrepreneur does not kid himself

He knows that he must not over estimate his abilities. He faces his reality every day and knows that business  practices  are always evaluated in the glaring light of what is happening now instead of what should be happening. He knows that his reputation will be determined not by what should or could have been, but by the experiences that his customers and business partners have with him today.

 The Guerrilla entrepreneur lives in the here and now

He is aware  of his past and enticed by  the future but he lives in the present. He embraces new  technologies and ideas, and makes ready for new opportunities. He knows that his future will be determined by how quickly he embraces innovation and how creative he is today. He strives not to do things the way he has always done them, but is a change agent today.

 The Guerrilla entrepreneur understands  the nature of time

He knows that time is far more important that money and he realises that time is life itself. He therefore respects his time and does not waste anyone else’s time.

Written by Chipo Mapungwana

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