URGENCY — It’s a Beautiful Thing…

The MoneyBlitz mobile app is designed to get urgency working for you. Each fundraising campaign has a duration of just 24 hours, during which Customers can make donations to fund the Entrepreneur’s account. After 24 hours, the pitch automatically expires.

When the Entrepreneur has received at least $100 before the pitch expiration, that money is transferred to her account the next business day. That money belongs to the Entrepreneur; it is a donation that never has to be paid back.

Donations made to a pitch that do not total at least $100 by the 24-hour deadline are forfeited. This feature of MoneyBlitz is a powerful help to Female Entrepreneurs, because you can legitimately emphasize to your Customers the importance of not dragging their feet when deciding whether to fund an idea, product or service.

Twenty-four hours is ample time for Customers to donate to an idea they really believe in. Furthermore, most people tend to forget about things until after the day is over. The MoneyBlitz app forces those who view your pitch to strike while the iron is hot. Being kindly aggressive is our way to get a lot of pitches funded, within the twenty-four hours’ time frame.

By Pierre de la Fortune

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